Suitable for:

Complementary feed for poultry, pigs and calves


Contains per kg:
Analytical analysis:
Crude protein (RE) 6 .6 %
Crude fat (RVET) 31 .0 %
Crude fiber (RC) 0. 9 %
Crude ash (RAS) 33 .5 %
Lysine 2 .6 g
Methionine 1 .1 g
Calcium 66 .9 g
Magnesium 3 .7 g
Sodium 0 .6 g
Phosphorus 1 .7 g

Technological additives:
Colloidal silicon (E551b) 150 .6 g

Sensoric additives:
Blend of aromatic substances: 78 .0 g
Oregano-oils (carvacrol and thymol) 7 .5 % extract

Wheat flower, vegetable fats, calcium carbonate.


Keprogan Plus is a complementary premix for poultry, pig and calf diets and supports gastro-intestinal tract functioning and gastro-intestinal tract microflora. Keprogan Plus contains butyric acid, which is a short-chain fatty acid. Butyric acid helps with the proliferation and differentiation of intestinal epithelial cells and takes care of an increased barrier function of the intestines against pathogens. Furthermore, butyric acid decreases the risk of a Salmonella infection by preventing the attachment of Salmonella to the intestinal wall. Butyric acid also decreases the pH in the intestines, stimulates enzyme activity and increases the activity of the immune system. A low pH in the intestines causes a better digestion and mineral absorption. The essential oils carvacrol and thymol stimulate feed intake and support a healthy gastro-intestinal microflora. They also stimulate the production and secretion of the intestinal enzymes. Due to the sophisticated coating and spray-cooling technique, Keprogan Plus gives a target release effect and is stable during processing.


Stable during feed processing. ‘Target release effect’: active components are liberated over the whole gastro-intestinal tract. Better technical results, less production losses, less antibiotic use and losses due to diarrhea.


Keprogan Plus

  • Prevents and decreases the adverse effects of coccidiosis.
  • Stimulates a healthy gut flora; the anti-bacterial mode of action prevents pathogenic bacterial growth in the gut.
  • Can be used in the prevention and as an addition to the treatment of a Salmonella infection.
  • Stimulates of feed digestion: improves growth rate and feed conversion ratio
  • Stimulates the immune system.

Calves and pigs:

  • Keprogan Plus promotes general health and improves performance and profit.


For oral administration via feed.

Starter diet : 1,000 g per 1,000 kg of feed.
Grower diet : 500 g per 1,000 kg of feed.
Finisher diet : 300 g per 1,000 kg of feed.

Pullets : 500 g per 1,000 kg of feed.
Laying hens : 300 g per 1,000 kg of feed.

Piglets and calves:
Weaner diet : 2,000 g per 1,000 kg of feed.
Starter diet : 1,000 g per 1,000 kg of feed.

Fattening : 250 g per 1,000 kg of feed.
Lactating sows : 500 g per 1,000 kg of feed.


Store in a cool and dry place. Store in well closed bags.


Bag of 25 kg.