Act sustainable

Pharmacovigilance is an important topic when discussing the quality of our products. Pharmacovigilance comprises: the knowledge and activities related to the detection, assessment, the comprehension and prevention of side effects or other veterinary pharmaceutical-related problems.

With pharmacovigilance, the safety of veterinary pharmaceuticals is monitored and side effects are registered. This concerns medicaments that are used for the prevention or treatment of animal diseases or for making a diagnosis.

Safety for humans, animals and the environment
Pharmacovigilance is not only for the animals’ safety. The safety of the person administering the veterinary drug and the safety of the consumer of the animal is also monitored. Moreover, any effect the veterinary drug may have on the environment is important. By making proper use of veterinary pharmaceuticals, by carrying out research into possible side effects and by informing users about this, problems can be avoided.

Making a report yourself
Would you like to report a side effect yourself? Then please contact us. It is extremely important to report side effects, so that the safety of veterinary pharmaceuticals can be monitored. You may report any side effect. Also if the product has not been used in accordance with the leaflet, if the product has not been registered for the type of animal with which the side effect has been found and also if the correct dose has not been administered. More information about pharmacovigilance can be found in this brochure.